About Me -Michelle Foyster

Since I qualified as a Swimming Teacher, I have hired and currently still hire private pools in and around Norwich for private 1:1-2 lessons or small groups.  I find it helps the children to learn more as there is less distraction and quality time with the teacher.  Through my years of teaching, I have taught babies from 4 weeks old, the full spectrum of the ASA National Plan, including Synchronised swimming, Diving and Rookie Lifesaving.  I have also taught adults who never learnt to swim as a child that now want to take their children/grand children swimming and enjoy family holidays, other adults that have been able to swim but wanted to improve their technique to help with their fitness.  The vision I have for the Swim School is to offer as many lessons to children and adults at competitive rates.  Childrens group lessons are on a 1:6 ratio for beginners & improvers and 1:8 for intermediate & advance swimmers.


About Seachelles Swim School

October 2012 saw the start of the Parent & Child classes.  January 2013 I took over a swim school that was due to close, the teacher agreed to stay and work for me and the parents were happy as their children were able to continue with the lessons that they had been enjoying and with the teacher they know and love.  When I took over the swim school, during the course of the Spring term I looked at where I could improve things and make things easier for parents with more than one child swimming.  In April 2013 I introdroduced another teacher which offered parents more choice.


Taking over the Swim School gave me the confidence and courage to look for additional venues.  I was lucky enough to find 2 School pools with some free pool time, I then asked some teachers to join me, so I could maximise my pool time.  With a little bit of advertising and alot of word of mouth, Seachelles Swim School doubled in size.


Seachelles Swim School has currently got 11 Swimming Instructors across 7 different venues offering lessons from babies through to adults.  I also have a team of 4 helpers aged 14/16years assisting the teacher in the water with the smaller children.