The International Learn to Swim Programme (ILSP) is an exciting, motivational, interlinking and progressive Awards Programme that engages children at every stage of their development.


All levels have clearly defined standards, teaching objectives and learning outcomes, and all levels incentivise and reward with colourful badges and certificates.


There are Three entry points into the programme:

STARFISH- for parents and their babies and very young children

STAnley First Steps- A comprehensive swimming and water saftey programme for young children

OCTUPUS- An alternative entry point for school aged learners



The STARFISH awards are suitable for introducing babies from 0-2 years to swimming.  This offers a progressive aquatic awareness programme for parent/carers with their babies and combines fun activities with free play in a safe environment.


STAnley- First Steps Series

The STAnley First Steps Series is designed to teach young learners to swim.  The Series incorporates fun activities, skill development and water safety awareness in a structured progressive programme.


Octopus Series

The Octopus Series is designed for school aged learners.  This enables a route into 'Learn to Swim' for older learner building and developing their confidence, knowledge and skill.  On completion of the Octopus series learners progress through to the Goldfish Series, Angelfish Series and Shark Series.


Goldfish Series

The Goldfish Series is the next level for learners who have successfully progressed through the STAnley First Steps or Octopus Series.


Angelfish Series

The Angelfish Series is the next level for pupils who have successfully completed the Goldfish Series Level 2


Shark Series

The Shark Series is the next level for students that have successfully completed the Angelfish Series Level 3