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I started teaching in 2006, by chance really! I was taking my eldest son to lessons and heard that the Swim School he was attending were looking for more teachers, I enquired how to become a Swimming Teacher and the rest as they say is history!

I have 3 children, Rhys, Kyra & Max.  Rhys and Kyra are good swimmers and Max is getting there!!

I love seeing the children developing from non-swimmers to swimmers, it is such a lovely sight when a child realises they can swim without the use of arms bands or other aids.




I've been swimming since i was 4 years old and haven’t stopped yet. I've been involved in a number of swim schools and swimming clubs as a teacher/coach, all of various sizes. I have a real passion for getting children into the competitive side of swimming, helping them beat their own targets they set themselves. It is one of my strongest motivations. This is the main reason why I love the sport of swimming.


Andrea (Andee)







I have been swimming since I was 4yrs old and I have a passion for swimming and sport.

My mum is Michelle Foyster the owner of Seachelles Swim School, I decided to become a helper as I enjoy swimming and would like to become a swimming instructor when I am old enough to take my qualifications.  I enjoy helping the teachers and the children and have worked with children of all ages and abilities, some of which also have learning difficulties or disabilities.



I have been swimming most of my life, I have completed my ASA Stage 10 Swimming, Stage 10 Synchronised Swimming & Rookie Lifeguard.  I also enjoy most water sports.

I was so excited when I got this amazing opportunity to help other people enjoy swimming as much as I do, as I would definitely like to become a swimming teacher when I am old enough to take the relevant qualifications.

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